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The quick and secure reader by Readiant.


Stream and let it stream!

Readiant converts PDF and EPUB files to a fast-streaming readable format. This format is protected against distribution and can be viewed on PCs, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Easy to use, safe, and fast

Old PDF files or new publications. Use Readiant to offer your readers the comfort and ease of a streaming reading service.


Quickly and safely transfer your content to the cloud.


Add media and extra reading options.


Add a user system or use your creativity with our API.


Your personalized reader. Always and anywhere.

Convert your files

Readiant provides your platform with an environment where PDF and EPUB files can be converted. You can also add metadata according to your needs. You can create various links for various users that lead to the converted book (and can only be read through the domain you have established). For instance, you can set a period in which the book can be read. It will not be necessary to convert the book multiple times.

After the document has been converted the Readiant online streaming format (including an embed code), the source file will be automatically deleted.


A platform can add, edit or delete metadata (or tags) in its own environment. These will automatically become available to the linked platform.

Why Readiant?

Let your customers enjoy your publications in the best possible way. Take a look at the advantages Readiant offers, compared to EPUB, PDF and ISSUU.

Readiant vs. PDF/ePUB3/ISSUU

Can be created without losing formatting properties, on the basis of formatted files (PDF, INDD)
Decentralized file format with copy protection
Highly compressed file type
Read in browsers without any additional plugin
Enrich with multimedia
Contains all the features of HTML, CSS and Javascript
Edit content with an online editor
Always up-to-date with new browser functions, not hampered by the ePUB framework
Available as API, can easily be connected to user systems

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